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F.E.A.S.T. (Food Entertaining as Specious Theatre)
Curated my Rebecca Nagle

Stage Design by Emma Alamo

Constructed by Emma Alamo, Nicholas Toll, Rebecca Nagle, Rachael Shannon, Eirik Schmertmann, Peter Hegel, Mark McDonough Jr., Kris Hanrahan, Susan MacCorkle, Madison Coan, Emily Hall, Theresa Columbus, and Trevor Wilhelms.

Current Gallery
Baltimore, MD
May 2012

The interactive table/stage for this dinner theater production was designed to facilitate maximum interaction between the performers/servers and the audience/diners and offer each diner a unique and personal way of experiencing the show. The performance took the form of a seven-course meal in which patrons were served by costumed performers who appeared from trapdoors in the stage and carried plates of food along the catwalks that connected the tables.

More pictures, accompanied by scene-by-scene description of the event, can be found in the What Weekly review.