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In this scene, Jonathan the Rabbit was lifted off the ground by a hawk. Actor Jon Mac wore a custom-made flying harness under his costume, allowing him to quickly and easily be attached to the 3 to 1 pulley system that was hidden in the steel-reinforced proscenium. As he flailed in midair, the cloud drop behind him scrolled down to give the illusion of him being lifted high into the sky. Giving the flying rig a test-run at an outdoor venue in Minneapolis.
Rabbit: An Original Rabbit Tragedy
Written and Directed by Savannah Reich and Jon Mac Cole

by Emma Alamo

Scenic Painting
by Savannah Reich

Touring production based out of Minneapolis
September-October 2012

This play required a set that could be installed quickly in a number of different venues, and could easily be broken down and strapped, in it’s entirety, to the roof of a van. The script necessitated three kinetic elements: pulley-operated elevator doors, a flying rig, and a scrolling drop.