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Photo by Theresa Keil Photo by Philip Laubner Photo by Theresa Keil Detail of floor revolve, taken during the build
Lust & Nihilism:
Welcome to the Hi-Hat
Directed, Designed, and Constructed by Emma Alamo

Performanced by Chrissy Metais, Madison Coan, Frog Wang, Justin Lake, Laura
Rubin, Sarah Szymanski, Maura Dwyer, and Michelle Silwester

As Part of The Copycat Theatre’s Rooms Play

Whole Gallery
Baltimore, MD
April–May 2011

The twelfth of twenty-two rooms in the labyrinthine immersive production Rooms Play, this scene is intended to disorient patrons and encourage them to abandon the journey established by the previous rooms. Upon entering the surreal and seedy speakeasy/brothel of Lust & Nihilism, patrons are overwhelmed with blinking lights, drinks, the attention of the performers, and a floor that literally spins beneath them. After exiting through a dark hallway, patrons are further disoriented to find themselves back in the same room, which has spun around to receive them exactly as it had before.

Bret McCabe’s description of Lust & Nihilism, from his review of Rooms Play in Baltimore’s City Paper:

“A gaggle of young women dressed as if auditioning for a bordello scene pass you small cups of liquid to drink… and overwhelm you with talk. The room is mounted on a rotating stage, and you feel the floor move until you’re asked to leave, when you wind through a narrow passageway and enter a small door and end up right back in the room with the women; it’s an effectively discombobulating moment.”