about emma alamo


 Emma Alamo (she/they) is a self-taught leatherworker based out of Chicago. After spending most of her twenties working as a carpenter, she stumbled into leather working in 2016 and has since dedicated her life to making you look as hot and/or gay as humanly possible. She has an impressive collection of chronic illnesses and vintage pulleys, drives a stick shift pickup truck named Rosie, and probably wants to talk to you about healthcare reform and musical theater. 

It takes a fucking village

Let's be real, I couldn't keep this business afloat without the help of my badass team of talented and attractive queers. 


a feral redhead holding a big hammer

Haley Jaeger

business partner/chaos wrangler

Instagram: @ignomey

Haley is three red pandas in a human suit. She spends her days working in the costume department of a big fancy theater in Milwaukee, and her evenings keeping everything running smoothly in harness world. She likes to spend her time off kayaking, hiking, camping, and reading (ideally in a hammock). Her other hobbies include frolicking and galumphing.



Dani Ochoa

foreman/shop daddy

Instagram: @plant.daddiiTiktok: @plant.daddi

Dani was the sole survivor of a plane crash at the age of four. After prying himself loose from the fiery wreckage and wandering into the woods, he was taken in by a pack of wolves who raised him as their son. He quickly developed a skill for hunting, a pack mentality, and an inclination towards extreme violence. Dani re-entered human society in his mid-twenties, but has maintained an uncanny ability to communicate with dogs and a habit of munching on unattended food. In his free time he enjoys filling his home with greenery and furiously playing Japanese Rhythm games.


 Maggie Karlin

studio assistant/minister of sneezes

Instagram: @enashaeTiktok: @real.live.statue 

Maggie is a circus performer, fiber artist, plant-grower, quiche-baker, possum-rescuer, and physical therapist in training. If your chickens are sick, they can probably help diagnose and treat them. You may have seen Maggie as a human statue in downtown Chicago, or maybe you saw their viral TikTok video tutorial on crocheting with cat hair (and if you haven’t, you should).


Payton Woolwine

studio assistant

Instagram: @yupthatspayton@paytondoeshair

Payton is a hairstylist with too many cats. When they’re not at work they’re crocheting, sewing, painting murals on their walls, or working on one of two million other creative projects. They used to work as a server at the Ruby Tuesdays in Times Square, so they can handle just about anything.


Aurelie Alexandra

studio assistant/loop mommy

Instagram: @slutty_accommodationsTiktok: Aurelie is old

Aurelie left the world of science acadamia to dedicate her life to being a gay bimbo slut with big anime titties. When she’s not at work she spends her time playing with sharp objects and going on cute dates by graveyards and bodies of water. She says if you’re an Aries it’s okay for you to ask Emma for her number. She is banned from tinder.



Rae Wilson

studio assistant

Instagram: @vanitybyrae

Rae is a homebody hoe with lots of cats, plants, and craft projects. She's bad at walking and eating but good at quad skating and pole dancing. 10 out of 10 dogs agree that she has the most delicious hands. She hasn’t pooped in three days.



web daddy

Mo is a butch leatherdyke furry in the PNW who likes helping cool people with web production. Her hobbies including being handsome and respectfully eyeing cuties.


pit bull puppy with a dollar in her mouth


distractor in chief

instagram: @cocoa_leatherpup

in 2022 Cocoa left behind a mysterious life on the mean streets of Chicago to be a full-time nuisance in Emma's studio. She doesn't understand why all these idiot humans are working with leather all the time when they really should be petting her, playing with her, cuddling her, and letting her sniff their crotches. She just knocked her ball under the couch, would you mind getting it for her?



good boy

Remus is not a dog, he is a grumbly old man trapped in a dog’s body. When he’s not sleeping at Aurelie’s feet, you can find him striking fear in the hearts of any delivery person daring enough to knock on the studio door. Remus can turn into a bat whenever he wants to but he doesn’t enjoy doing it.


aussie shephard dog smiling


good girl

Jazz has two interests: green beans and Dani's partner Michael. If those things aren’t available she’ll settle for blueberries and Dani, but she’d really prefer green beans and Michael.