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about emma alamo


 Emma Alamo (she/they) is a self-taught leatherworker based out of Chicago. She dreams up, designs, and makes (or oversees the making of) everything in this damn shop. Her goal is to help you feel more connected to your awesome body. After spending most of her twenties working as a carpenter, she switched mediums in 2016 and has since dedicated her life to making you look as hot and/or gay as humanly possible. She has an impressive collection of chronic illnesses and vintage pulleys, drives a stick shift pickup truck named Rosie, and probably wants to talk to you about healthcare reform and musical theater. 

Let’s be real, Emma couldn’t keep this ship afloat without her trusty assistants


Nizar A. (he/they) is very, very mysterious. As Emma’s manufacturing assistant, he helps make all of the harnesses, bevels and burnishes all of the edges, and assists in important design decisions. He also gives Emma super helpful dating advice, even though he’s 21 and she’s 33. He loves eating tomatoes and sleeping on extra firm mattresses.


Haley Jaeger (she/her) spends her days working in the costume shop at a big fancy theater in Milwaukee, and spends her nights keeping everything running smoothly over here in harness world. She helps manage the business, responds to messages, and remembers all of the things that Emma forgets. She flits into town every few months to help make new shit, assist with photoshoots, and put everything in the shop back where it belongs (which is probably in a very logical place that she designated and labeled in the first place). She would rather be outside, galumphing through leaves, or maybe kayaking.