frequently asked questions

How strong are your harnesses?

Depends on the harness! I’ve created this handy Dungeon Rating System to help you choose:

1. Not recommended for BDSM 
This is not a functional piece, it’s just for looking hot.
2. Recommended for light BDSM 
Can handle tugging, but not yanking... like, you can grab your partner by it and pull them close to you for a passionate kiss, but it’s not intended for full restraint. Basically: you can use it to restrain someone who wants to be restrained. If you've got a bratty sub I'd recommend leveling up.
3. Recommended for heavy play
Really, really strong. These are made from materials used for making horse harnesses, so they can handle whatever you’re into! Go ahead, test its limits. Fuck me up, daddy.

From my *personal testing* of my products, these are my recommendations for BDSM and/or rough sex: Arianna Deluxe Harness, Super Romantic Hogtie Set, Racquelle Bondage Harness,  Doorknocker Collar, Posture Collar, and Leather Leash.

I can’t make suspension harnesses, nor can I recommend anything that I make for use in suspension scenes. My small business insurance policy would disown me.


I’m not into kink. Can I wear your stuff anyways?

Absolutely! The bondage aesthetic is having a moment, so lots of people wear them just for the look. You might get a knowing wink from a cutie with black eyeliner on the subway, but most people won’t bat an eye.


Do you make custom harnesses?

I’m happy to make customizations on existing harnesses, or make Frankenharnesses (where I take part of one of my designs and mix it with part of another design), but at this time I’m not taking new custom design requests. But if there’s something you’d like to see in my shop, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m always interested to hear what ya’ll are craving.

Please do not send me images of other designer’s work and ask if I’ll remake it for you; the answer is no.


Do you have a storefront?

I do not. I do have a studio in Chicago (in the Wicker Park neighborhood) and am happy to see people for fittings and in-person shopping by appointment only. If you’d like to set up a time to stop by, please email me.


Can I borrow/rent something for a shoot?

A: Rent, yes; borrow, no. I do this on a case-by-case basis, so please email me.


If something breaks, will you repair it?

Absolutely. If it’s my fault, I’ll do it for free. Otherwise, I’ll charge a small fee.


I'm a man from the Internet who doesn't understand boundaries. Can I buy you dinner?

You can absolutely buy me dinner, and I will happily eat it alone.